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The Phoenix is Here

The ADS 4000 Phoenix is now available for purchase. Powered by a 32 bit, 72 megahertz, ARM 7 microprocessor with over 4 gigabytes of storage, the Phoenix can save the the details of over 1 million take offs. This powerfull new computing platform also opens up expansion options such as wireless communications, image recording, and inclusion of additional sensing technologies.

The ADS 4000 Phoenix replaces the ADS 3000 which is no longer being manuafactured. Legacy support for the ADS 3000 will continue indefinately however. You can get a general overview of how the new and legacy ADS versions work from the legacy website link below. The primary difference between the two versions is in the user interface. The legacy version used either a terminal or Excel form while the Phoenix presents itself as USB drive containing the takeoff data which can then be open as an spreadsheet.

Phoenix Bird

To access the ADS 3000 legacy website click here.

To download the ADS 4000 Phoenix manual click here. The manual contains the new specifications and description of the operator interface. If you have questions or would like to request a quote, please contact us at 208-520-9192.

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