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What is ADS?

The ADS 3000 counter is a stand alone remote sensor system that accurately records the time and date of aircraft takeoffs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Extremely low power requirements allow the ADS 3000 to operate unattended on solar recharged batteries in backcountry locations. A properly sized battery can also operate without recharging for months at a time.

The system contains an embedded microprocessor with real-time clock and analog-to-digital converters, signal conditioning electronics, and nonvolatile data memory. Stored data is retrieved by connecting to a computer in the field or office.

For aircraft detection, the system software is normally set up to detect the sounds associated with an aircraft takeoff. Customized monitoring and surveillance configurations such as adding video recording are available on request.

Installation is as simple as placing the ADS 3000 within 50 yards of the runway to be monitored. If desired, the sensor can be concealed under rocks or similar natural features. The solar recharging option allows for year-round unattended operation.


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