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Aircraft Detection Systems (ADS)

Ever wonder just how many aircraft are using your airport? If you have, you are not alone. Counting aircraft operations isn't easy. Periodic spot counts can miss large swings in activity and it is expensive and time consuming to dedicate personnel to counting by hand.

None-the-less, knowing how much traffic you are dealing with is critical to properly allocating resources and maintaining safe operations. In answer to this need Wilderness Systems and Technologies has worked with state aviation officials across the country to develop advanced counting technology to quantify aircraft operations around the clock.

The ADS series of Aircraft Detection Systems is a proven technology that uses innovative signal processing software to listen for and detect the unique acoustic signature of a takeoff. Extremely simple to set up and operate, the ADS counter automatically starts counting when powered up. Years of field operations in all kinds of conditions have helped make the ADS the most reliable aircraft counter available. The latest model, ADS 3000, is in use throughout the United States and provides an accurate, rugged, and easy to use technology for year round counting of takeoffs.


Wilderness Systems and Technologies is dedicated to producing accurate data systems that are easy to use, rugged, and cost effective.

Company Profile

WST was founded in 1997 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The company provides capabilities for sensing, recording, and analyzing information in complex environments. Our products include measurement and analysis systems for community planning, transportation systems, and energy infrastructure. Our technical expertise in sensors and systems integration is uniquely suited for providing our customers the tools and data to plan for growth and improved operations. The ADS series of Aircraft Detection Systems was one of the first products of Wilderness Systems and Technologies.

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