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How ADS Works

The ADS 3000 aircraft counter works by performing a sophisticated computer analysis of aircraft engine sounds so it has a high degree of accuracy in distinguishing between takeoffs and other background sounds such as ground vehicles, thunder, and taxiing aircraft. Data is stored in nonvolatile memory that is protected even if the power is removed. Once you plug in the power, the system starts automatically and runs 24 hours a day until you are ready to download the data.

If a signal is detected and meets the analysis criteria, the microprocessor notes the time and date, and stores the event in memory. In addition, a running count of the number of takeoffs each day is stored separately in data memory. When needed to conserve power, the ADS system is set to "sleep" for 2 second intervals. At the end of each sleep interval the unit wakes up to sense for signals of interest.

To download data from the ADS system just plug the cable provided with the system into the serial port of your laptop or office computer. The ADS user interface is designed as part of a Microsoft Excel worksheet with simple point and click controls for common functions.

The user interface also allows the operator to set the internal ADS clock, reset the ADS data memory, and access advanced functions such as real time data display, and partial memory downloads. The real time display feature prints takeoff details to your laptop PC screen as they occur.

After downloading, detailed listings of the date and time for the last 3000 takeoffs and a daily summary of the total number of takeoffs per day for the last 366 days are stored in a new worksheet.

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