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Main ADS Control Panel

Take an ADS Test Drive! Click on the buttons in this window to see how the real ADS software works. You will either be taken to the appropriate screen or will see a message indicating what function ADS would perform.

Click here to go to the Real Time Data collection window. Click here to go to the Advanced Functions window. Click here to see what the ADS output spreadsheet looks like after the data is downloaded. Click here to synchronize the ADS clock with your PC clock. Clicking here will reset the ADS counter and allow new takeoffs to overwrite old ones.


This window is opened by clicking a button in the ADS - Excel spreadsheet that is created when you start the ADS program. The main ADS Control Panel allows you download and plot data, set the system clock, and reset the counter.

There are also buttons that link you to the Advance Functions window and the real time data collection window.

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